Marianne Burkhalter

Interior Design

Marianne Burkhalter, Architektin BSA/SWB

Raised in Thalwil, Canton Zurich Trained as technical draughtswoman in the office of Hubacher and Issler, Zurich 1973–1975 Special auditor, Princeton University, USA. As of 1970 Professional architectural activity in various offices and independently

Extended residencies outside Switzerland:

1969–1972 Superstudio, Florence

1970–1976 Studio Works, New York

1977–1978 Studio Works, Los Angeles

1981–1983 Professional assistant, Prof. Klaus Vogt, ETH Zurich

As of 1984 shared practice with Christian Sumi in Zurich

1985 Professional assistant, Prof. Mario Campi, ETH Zurich

1987 Guest professor, SCI-ARC, Los Angeles, USA

As of 1997 member of the Commission on the Citycape, Zurich

1999 Guest professor, EPF Lausanne