Liesbeth in ’t Hout

After graduating in 1976 as a fashion illustrator at the Fashion Department of School of Fine Arts Arnhem, the Netherlands, she took on her first post with the Dutch Post and Telegraph Company PTT. For 10 years she made her contribution at the Art and Design Department that was in charge of buying and sustaining a collection of modern graphic art.

Ain 1984, while still on the job with PTT, she partnered up with Ravage Paris to implement Corporate Fashion assignments for institutions and companies like Dutch Railways  or the Amsterdam Music Theatre, just to name a few.

As an independent advisor she added product design and fine arts to her array of corporate consultancy.

As of 1992 she joined Li Edelkoort as a teacher and coordinator of the Leisure Department at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven. This experience led her to the next professional stages;  from 1999 to 2006 she was Director of the Academy and thereafter Dean of the Amfi-Amsterdam Fashion Institute at the Amsterdam University of Applied Siences.

In 2011, Liesbeth in’t Hout acts again independently as an advisor. At the moment she is running the Sandberg Institute (Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam) as co director.

Along her career and still today she is contributing as a member or chairwoman to many supervisory boards, advisory committees and international juries.