Winners 2016

Exhibitor Category XL

Gold Winner


Design: SDF Design Studio: Benjamin Moser, Debora Biffi

Jury statement: With a basically simple idea, Dietiker has achieved an effective presentation of its products. The installation allowed visitors to give free rein to their inner child – to laugh, swing and have fun. Dietiker managed to make full use of the space in all its height and breadth, and even including an acoustic aspect.

Silver Winner


Design: Hürlemann AG

Jury statement: This encounter with the products of horgenglarus succeeded in being both poetic and amusing. In a spirit of playful deconstructivism, new creatures have been created with whom the visitors can interactively engage. In addition, the horgenglarus installation built a bridge between the Bauhaus «König Hirsch» marionette theatre and the new editions, presented for the first time, of Hans Bellmann, himself a former Bauhaus student.

Bronze Winner


Design: Feuerring GmbH: Andreas Reichlin, Beate Hoyer

Jury statement: Feuerring has shown the coherence of the production process – from the material, by way of the different manufacturing steps to the final product. This presentation appeals to all the five human senses: sight, feeling, smell, hearing and taste – Feuerring’s installation contrived to leave nothing out.

Bronze Winner


Design: Fabritastika Gestaltungsatelier AG: Peter Sauter

Jury statement: In this amusing audio play Bauknecht presented its product with a twinkle in the eye, while on the whole abstaining from the appeal to aesthetic sensation. The firm has found a subtle way of conveying its objective – washing without the irritation of noise – to the spectator, and has succeeded in communicating something invisible to the naked eye.

Exhibitor Category L

Gold Winner

Moving Walls

Design: Jörg Boner

Jury statement: The product is the scenography, the scenography is the product. Moving Walls has created an effective space which made the product immediately comprehensible.

Silver Winner


MACH Architektur, RIGLING Innenarchitektur

Jury statement: A scented presentation which succeeded in occupying the elevated space in sensuous terms. Using the simple resources of fixtures, towels and soap, Arwa has managed to stage an effective and photogenic shadow play. An additional bonus was the fact that much of the material making up the installation can still be used when it is taken down, and does not have to be disposed of.

Bronze Winner


Design: Moritz Schmid

Jury statement: Kvadrat’s installation focused in an accomplished way on its central statement. The moment you stepped out of the production workshop into the space created by the Soft Cell elements, you found yourself in a different world. The space outside is cool, dark and grey – inside you encountered a wonderful atmosphere of light and colour.

Exhibitor Category M

Gold Winner


Design: atelier oï

Jury statement: With its mirror cabinets, Talsee has created an effective and accomplished work that plays on infinity. The opening and closing doors made an additional playful impression. The light of the mirror cabinets became a powerful framework, and the housing made up of mirror foil delimited the presentation from the outer world.

Silver Winner


Design: INCHFurniture

Jury statement: In simple and beautiful style, INCHfurniture has shown how furniture can be created for a specific spatial situation. The presentation of models and furniture components was extremely informative, almost on a par with a museum exhibition.

Bronze Winner

schindlersalmerón /
Christian Deuber Lichtprojekte

Design: atelier e s a

Jury statement: The curtain-raiser comes with a twinkle in the eye, introducing us in a playful way to the furniture and luminaires of schindlersalmerón and Lichtprojekte Christian Deuber.

Cartes Blanches

Gold Winner

ECAL Lausanne

Design: Projects by ECAL 2nd year Bachelor Industrial Design students,
under the guidance of designer Adrien Rovero.

Jury statement: This very large and detailed presentation by ECAL illustrated the passion with which the students have approached their project. In a humorous treatment, the students demonstrated the multifarious possibilities that felt as a material offers.

Silver Winner

Berner Fachhochschule
– Architektur, Holz & Bau

Design: Berner Fachhochschule – Architektur, Holz und Bau
Andrea Grasser, Charles Job

Jury statement: The students of the Berner Fachhochschule Architektur Holz und Bau [Bern College of Timber and Construction Architecture] have succeeded in conveying a central statement of their faculty in the form of a single object. In spite of the difficulty of the setting (in the gallery of Hector Egger Holzbau), the presentation makes the best possible use of the space.

Bronze Winner

Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst

Design: Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst

Jury statement: In this presentation the students of the Lucerne College of Art and Design invited the viewer to experience a change of perspective. The outsized objects were wonderfully successful in generating an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feeling.