ETAGE shelf

Design Moritz Schmid
Röthlisberger Kollektion

ETAGE is completely made out of wood. In typological terms, this article of furniture can be seen as a cross between a shelf and a sideboard. A conspicuous feature that immediately meets the eye is its basic oval form, which is emphasised by the unusual positioning of the supports. But the real original feature of ETAGE is a surrounding shell made of moulded plywood, which covers a horizontal segment of the structure at all times. With the help of a slide, it can be moved up or down along the supports, which have been formed into rails, and so fixed in different positions. Removable shelves and book supports underline the functionality of this highly versatile storage unit.

Comments by the jury:

This design illustrates three major trends in today's furniture design simultaneously: the retro wave in its appearance, the popularity of wood in the choice of materials and the high value placed on craftsmanlike skills in the way it has been produced. The idea that has been realised here of combining two classic furniture types - the shelf and the sideboard - is an original one, and we are impressed by the way it succeeds in practice. This highly versatile and adaptable article of furniture can also serve as a model example of the quality of contemporary Swiss furniture-making.

Comments by the Nominators:

ETAGE stands for an innovative type of furniture. In formal terms, the design alludes to the typical formal idiom of the craft workshop and yet at the same time makes a wholly contemporary impression. The elegant appearance of the unit is convincing, and its craftsmanlike perfection impresses.
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