Slow Light Jakob Schlaepfer

Martin Leuthold & Team

Renate Berger, Yvonne Gradl, Annina Arter, Julia Heuer, Rahel Flury, Samuel Müller, Kira Kessler, Melanie Widmer, Katrin Schranz

Reflecting materials made of minute glass beads form the basis for this  couture collection, which has been created with the help of the most sophisticated modern technology. Its fascination is based on the constant interaction between the light situation, the textiles and the angle of view from which you see them. Delicate designs have been superimposed on reflecting surfaces by a laser engraving technique. Depending on the lighting, the patterns may stand out in sharp contrast or disappear altogether. Soft embroideries of reflecting yarn flash into view; shimmering islands of light in the form of flowers and flecks glow on a matt background. 

Comments by the Nominators:
An exemplary combination of aesthetics and functionality, beautifully expressed in the changing appearance of this collection and opening up new avenues of freedom to the designer. The versatile formal idiom testifies to a delight in experimentation.

Comments by the jury:

A gift for invention and technical innovation are characteristic of the Swiss textiles industry, as well as ensuring its continued survival. Slow Light is another example of the design potency and admirable expertise to be found in this traditional sector. The technological innovation consists in a special kind of laser engraving. It has been used here to produce a wide variety of designs which unfold their attractions in dependence on the lighting situation and the time of day. This gives rise to a magnificent play of light which never ceases to surprise, and which happily dispenses with any auxiliary resources such as batteries.
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