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The special feature of the U-TURN family of LED-operated luminaires is the connection between the round lamp head, about as big as the palm of your hand, and the remaining body of the lamp. The head of the lamp contains a rubberised magnetic system set on a metal ball. This mechanism gives the lamp head maximum mobility and a correspondingly wide radius of action. As the lamp head is magnetic on both sides, it is an easy matter to release, turn or reposition it. Thus U-TURN can be used as you choose, either for direct or indirect lighting. In addition, an economical rotary movement is all that is needed to adjust the angle of illumination and the brightness.

Comments by the jury:

The central feature of this lamp is flexibility, and it has been realised here in the most convincing way. The magnetic fixing of the lamp head is in itself a simple solution, but permits a maximum of mobility in this versatile product, which can be used in the widest range of practical situations. The jointed function of the magnetic system finds evident expression in the design of U-TURN. The lamp is an excellent example both of intelligent conceptual thinking in the field of product design and of effective technical implementation, which here succeeds in living up to the idea to the fullest extent.

Comments by the Nominators:
A remarkable product development - both the original conception and the technical maturity of the realisation are admirable. This family of luminaires makes a convincing impression with its flexibility and functional benefits. Its treatment of light encourages playful experimentation.
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