Interior Stickerei
[Interior embroidery]

Hochschule Luzern HSLU, Design & Kunst [Lucerne College of Art and Design]

Isabel Rosa Müggler, Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber Marin, Janine Häberle, Prof. Tina Moor, Luzia Kälin, Franziska Born, Karin Müller La Belle

In Zusammenarbeit mit den Wirtschaftspartnern
IGS - Innovationsgesellschaft Stickerei AG, ag möbelfabrik horgenglarus, Sitag AG
Gefördert von der Kommission für Technologie und Innovation KTI

The research project 'Interior embroidery' tests the possibilities of embroidery, using textile materials as well as non-textile materials, like wood veneer for instance. The principal focus has been on extrapolating the embroidery process, in the sense of a perceptible refinement of the material properties, to the interior space of the furniture and surface design. Realised in exemplary style, these products confer on the inner space a haptic and aesthetic added value, resulting from the quasi-three-dimensionality of the embroidery, especially in the guipure and soutache versions. As a sample sequence of scenarios, concrete application possibilities are presented here - like partition panels, furniture elements and furniture textiles. In future it will be possible for creations of this sort to be developed and produced for buildings in keeping with the customer's individual requirements.

Comments by the Nominators:
Embroidery is a refinement technique. Something that in the past only functioned on a textile substrate has here been experimentally extrapolated, consistently and systematically, to new kinds of base. The project succeeds in opening up new prospects for a traditional branch of industry and pointing the way to new markets.
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