«Ich erzähle von der Masche»

Bachelor Diploma

Anna-Kristina Ninck
Hochschule Luzern HSLU
Design und Kunst, Textildesign

This intensive work on the beauty of knitting and the aesthetics of unravelling stitch structures is characterised by a joy in experiment, fashionable flair and broad knowledge in the textiles laboratory, on the knitting machine and in handwork. The project moreover gives a well founded answer to the detachment of clothing from the body which has been observed in recent years.

Catalogue text:

This knitting project was created as part of a bachelor diploma in the Textile Design department of Lucerne College of Art and Design. It testifies to a deep engagement with the stitch, and investigates the design possibilities of this primevally ancient handwork technique in a novel way. The design process has been concerned with the principle of unravelling and deliberately engineered disintegration. Many different materials were used, some of them quite unusual ones. The spectrum ranges from top-quality mohair yarn to wire, from wool and silk to elastane and cordel and even PET yarn. The project illustrates in exemplary style the various possibilities that exist for the deliberate use of unravelling stitches in a fashion context.
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