elements go wild
Claudia Caviezel

The object of this project, realised as a commission from BURRI public elements, was an atmospheric upgrade of the recently by Fréderic Dedelley renovated company headquarters of the tradition-rich Swiss company, to be achieved with the help of specially developed textile pictures. With this end in view, digital resources were used to create large-scale pictorial collages consisting of all kinds of plants and animals as well as typical company products. Both Trevira CS and synthetic tarpaulin materials were used as a substrate for the printing. Seven pictures were created in all. In view of their size and powerful colour, they are a strong presence in the room, inviting visitors to linger and contemplate. Installed partly in the form of lightboxes and partly as a curtain, they succeed in bringing emotion and something of untamed nature into the cool and subdued concrete architecture of the building.

Comments by the Nominators:

Based on a masterful approach to the different pictorial formats and a minimum of precisely calculated interventions, an intensive atmosphere has been created which raises the tone of the room. Over and above this specific application, extensive possibilities open up for use of the textiles, above all in modern architecture.
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