Swiss Eco Tap® the acqua saver

Bagno Sasso Mobili, Rolf Senti
In collaboration with AW AG, Werner Egli

This is a Swiss plumbing fitting that sets new standards for sustainable and economical water consumption. Swiss Eco Tap® the acqua saver is an environmentally friendly solution which reduces water consumption by an unbelievable 90 percent. With a standard valve, it takes just 5 seconds to consume 1 litre. With Swiss Eco Tap® the acqua saver, by contrast, it takes all of 100 seconds. This means 90 percent water savings as compared with a standard valve. The jet gives a real sensation of cleanliness when you wash your hands, as well as feeling pleasant on the skin.
This is the most economical plumbing fitting worldwide, and lends itself to many different applications - in private households, in public transport (train, bus, ship, aircraft), in caravans or for wudu ablutions. The straightforward design of the fitting makes for convenient and user-friendly ease of operation.  

Comment by the Nominators:
Swiss Eco Tap® the acqua saver makes its ecological mark in an exemplary way. The unique spray nozzle is the most impressive feature. This is an enormous innovation, achieved by the simplest possible means. It is an altogether effective counter to the worldwide water shortage, and deserves to be widely adopted.
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