Fabrice Aeberhard und Christian Paul Kaegi, Aekae

QWSTION's bags have been designed with the object of simplifying the life of people in the modern metropolis, where new mobility requirements are constantly making themselves felt.  The product developers have deliberately hung a question mark over the traditional typology of the bag. This has resulted in hybrid models which can be carried in different ways, and do not fit into the usual categories.
Launched in 2008, the QWSTION collection has now grown to include 15 products which combine functionality and everyday usefulness with a distinctive formal idiom. Careful attention to detail has given rise to an optimised bag. The product establishes new standards in relation to quality and the use of materials as well as ecologically speaking.

Comments by the Nominators:
The design of the brand and product and the accompanying publicity attain to global stature - contemporary without being trendy. The products are distinctive and unique, and they are designed very pleasingly in both functional and formal terms.
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