PUR 11 Küche

AFG Küchen AG, Forster Küchen
Rebecca D’Amato

As well as being a product in its own right, at the same time PUR 11 is an updated version of the classic Forster kitchen. On the one hand it involves the implementation of several new technical possibilities. On the other, the kitchen has been redesigned in visual terms, without any loss of the distinctive look that characterises the brand. Like all Forster kitchens, PUR 11 is made from powder-coated sheet steel or brushed stainless steel, and so offers the tried and tested advantages of a steel kitchen: it is tough, hygienic, easy to clean, resistant to heat and moisture. The panel system of the kitchen is likewise made of sheet steel, and serves as design element of a kitchen unit back board. But it can also be used as an independent furniture unit in the living area.     

Comments by the Nominators:
PUR 11 represents a product development in which innovation does not stop short at the standard hinge or pull-out handle, but incorporates these details in functional elements. The new kitchen stands for manufacturing depth, length of service life and a basic commitment to life quality.
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