FluidSolids AG Beat Karrer
In Zusammenarbeit mit: Gabriela Chicherio und dem FluidSolids Team

FluidSolids® is an innovative biologically degradable composite material. It has been developed with the aim of meeting a wide range of requirements in both physical and design terms. In its visual appearance and haptic properties, FluidSolids® resembles a timber material. When it comes to forming options, on the other hand, the material is related to petrochemical plastics. Its first practical applications - the FS bowls, the FS stool and dividing partition elements for Architonic Concept Space - served as a model illustration of the specific properties and design potential of this hybrid material. FluidSolids® proves once again how inseparably design and material are linked, showing that design can go well beyond the mere shaping of a form.

Comments by the Nominators:

A sensational and encompassing material development which measures up to standards of sustainability. The first products created from this material have been designed in exemplary style down to the last detail, and illustrate its potential in visual terms. The project meets the contemporary demand for ecological materials.
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