Christian Lehmann Design
Christian Lehmann

Bioburn is a machine which can produce pellets out of residual biomass of any description. It forms the centrepiece of a biomass circuit, as the pellets are used to generate energy, their ash being returned to the soil as fertiliser. The machine is notable for its compact design, its ergonomic ease of operation and its modular structure. The latter forms the basis for different configuration options - with fully automated, partial automated or manual operation. The machine is exclusively made of ultra-thin folded sheet metal. It is produced by a modern and economical manufacturing method. By working with folded sheet metal, the design succeeds in cutting material consumption and keeps the weight to a minimum. The succinct colour scheme gives the new brand an impressive appearance.

Comments by the Nominators:
A consistently thought out ecological idea with a powerful formal expression, which puts across its environmental message in a posterlike but nonetheless intelligent way.  An innovation in rural practice, this is fully in keeping with its Swiss origins and can be seen as true industrial design.
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