ALPA Capaul & Weber AG
Owner / Designer: Thomas Weber, André Oldani, Ursula Capaul

The ALPA 12 FPS (Focal Plane Shutter) is first of all the core component of an independent photographic camera - when used on its own in combination with a back element, a lens and suitable adaptors. But at the same time it can serve as a shutter module when used together with another ALPA 12 camera. This means that thousands of lenses - both new models and vintage specimens - from dozens of optics manufacturers can be used. In addition, the camera can be used with digital medium-format back parts up to 80 MP, as well as with a roll film back. The ALPA 12 FPS successfully transforms the modular camera platform into an open toolbox.

Comments by the Nominators:
This is a consistent system-design approach to a product which generally comes in the form of a closed combination. Aimed at appealing to individual preferences and with built-in future compatibility, the ALPA is a modular model in the best and most literal sense - a trailblazing innovation in the design of consumer goods.
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