St Prex Luna

ALICE epfl/enac/ia/alice
Dieter Dietz, Sibylle Kössler, Sara Formery, Rudi Nieveen

In collaboration with:
Heinrich Schnetzer & Christoph Sterr, Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure, Basel
Wilfried Bachmann, Anlag AG Project Management, Olsberg
Giles Taylor, Muzengi, Technical Director St Prex Classics

Luna St Prex photographs © Joel Tettamanti / ALICE Studio EPFL

Luna is a weatherproof structure which can be dismantled in its entirety. It was created for the annual music and dance festival in the historic centre of Saint-Prex. The temporary structure covers both the stage and the audience area, which is capable of seating from 500 to 700 persons. The central element of the structure is an illuminated hemisphere - an inflatable textile cupola with a diameter of 25 metres. This overarches the venue, giving it a unique atmosphere as well as outstanding acoustics. Hovering over the village at the same time, this quasi-roof extends the concert space and frames the sky above Saint-Prex. The structure is set up and dismantled from year to year, without leaving the least trace on the protected buildings adjoining the concert venue.

Comment by the Nominators:

Event architecture is often unwieldy and blots out the landscape. This project shows that there is another way of doing things. The structure is both spectacular and at the same time restrained. The illuminated hemisphere does what it is supposed to do in providing protection against inclement weather, while at the same time hovering above the audience like a celestial canopy.
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