MJHL Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab

ALICE epfl/enac/ia/alice
Dieter Dietz, Olivier Ottevaere, Charlotte Erckrath, Lukas Lenherr, Tibo Smith

Interaction Design
Nicolas Henchoz, Cem Sever, Daniel Tamburino

Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab photographs © Joel Tettamanti / ALICE Studio EPFL

Coordination of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project
MetaMedia Center, EPFL
Montreux Jazz Festival
EPFL Scientific Labs
Laboratory of Electromagnetics and Acoustics
Audiovisual communication Laboratory
Signal Processing Laboratory 2
Mr Vasily Shahnovskiy
Mrs Theresa Rydge
Audemars Piguet SA
Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & Cie
Technological Partners
3D audio system : Illusonic (Lausanne)
Loudspeakers : Relec (Yverdon‐les‐Bains)
Acoustic glas : Glas Troesch (Bützberg / Bussigny VD)
Interactive table : to‐fuse (Zürich)

The famous Montreux Jazz Festival has been capturing the concerts that take place under its auspices in both audio and video recordings for many decades, so preserving them for future generations. The Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab (MJHL) is a specially constructed modular room. It has been created to give visitors wishing to consult the concert archives, which now exist in digital form, the opportunity of experiencing these recordings with total visual and acoustic authenticity. The curved projection screen has been inspired by the trompe l‘œil effect which the Baroque era used with such virtuosity. It gives the viewer the illusion of being physically present and in the thick of things. Acoustic considerations were an important factor in planning the geometry of the MJHL and in the choice of materials. With a view to allowing a wider audience as well to enjoy the concert experience, the side partition of the room is designed as a door and can be opened out completely.

Comment by the Nominators:

The wooden structure has been skilfully designed as a basis for transporting digital recordings into the analogue world. Thanks to the collaboration of various different disciplines, the multimedia archive has been made available to the public in the most convincing and impressive way. The modular structure, consisting of 1300 wooden components, makes the Heritage Lab a mobile asset.
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