Flex Ply Pavilion

Berner Fachhochschule
Architektur, Holz und Bau

Charles O. Job, Ulrich Baierlipp, Michael Walczak,
Corina Ebeling, Martin Lehmann, Frédéric Pichelin

The Flex Ply Pavilion stands for a minimalist and conspicuously simple form of technology. In this case it has been applied to create the simplest structural shell imaginable, using the most natural building materials, so achieving a maximum of spatial quality with a minimum of architectural outlay. Completely fashioned out of light plywood, the pavilion combines the structural qualities of the wood with the protective function of a breathing textile skin. In this way a structure has been created which can be set up and dismantled without difficulty, is easy to transport and needs little space for storage. Segmented into compact sections, the pavilion consists of wall panels and roof elements. Unusually, there is no separation between the supporting structure and the shell. Both components can be assembled manually, practically without any need of tools.

The Flex Ply Pavilion stands for low key frugal technology applied to the most rudimentary of shelters with the most natural material to provide a minimal architecture with maximal spatial quality. Entirely made of lightweight plywood, the pavilion combines the tensile qualities of timber with a protective breathing textile skin, to achive a structure that can be assembled, dismanteled,transported and stored with the utmost ease. Segmented into compact sections, the pavilion consists of wall panel and roof segments. There is no separation between structure and covering. Both component parts are assembled in most part, without tools.

Kommentar der Nominatoren:
Der Pavillon nutzt Sperrholz auf ungewohnte Weise - in technischer, ökologischer und gestalterischer Hinsicht. Durch die clevere Konstruktion bekommt das starre Holz schon fast textiles Aussehen. Überzeugend sind daneben die praktischen Vorteile: Schnelle (De)Montage, einfacher Transport, geringer Bedarf an Lagerraum.
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