Camper Shop ZRH (Zürich)

Alfredo Häberli Design Development, Alfredo Häberli
In collaboration with: Theo Gschwind

The Zurich branch of the Spanish shoe brand Camper is located in an old shop. In designing this presentation and sales area, the designers were faced with particular challenges in the form of numerous changes of ceiling level and irregular walls. The solution that suggested itself, partly for reasons of local history, was to take Concrete Art as a reference point. This art movement dating from the mid-twentieth century had a strong following in Zurich. Concrete Art is suggested by the right-angled areas of colour which give the rooms their original character. This can be seen as a reminiscent allusion to an important modern art movement. At the same time, as the designers themselves are the first to admit, there were solid practical reasons for it. It serves as a trick to take advantage of the spatial inadequacies of the shop premises.

Comment by the Nominators:
The challenging task of converting an old shop has been accomplished in exemplary style. Zurich's Concrete Art served as an inspiration - as well as a sleight of hand enabling the designers to iron out the room's irregularities in visual terms. An achieved concept that has been thoroughly thought through, and implemented down to the last corner with fine craftsmanlike skill.
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