Die Skizze

[The sketch]

Judith Dobler
Master Studio Design, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel / FHNW
[Basel College of Art and Design] / FHNW [Northwest Switzerland Technical College]

The Sketch is a study in the field of a design theory which investigates drawing as a process of acting, thinking and recognition. It is presented here in the form of a book. The work, which was created as an MA thesis at the Basel College of Art and Design, views drawing not just as a an artistic experience for the development of an idea but rather as a thinking process which manifests itself as knowledge even in the production of images. The content of the study was developed in the to-and-fro process of drawing, thinking, researching and writing. The book which summarises the insights arrived at in this way is divided into three parts. The first deals with the processes involved in drawing, illustrating them with concrete examples. The second part is concerned with the analysis of a historical case study - the drawings of the nature researcher Maria Sybilla Merian. Finally the potential artistic practical application of these insights is evaluated and discussed.

Comments by the Nominators:

This extremely interesting study of design theory takes sketching not just as a technique for presentation but also as a thinking process which involves reflection on the object sketched. It succeeds in building a bridge between reflection on design and the craft of designing. The Sketch offers a way out from the dead end of one-sidedly academic design education.
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