Mobilität Zürich 2025

[Mobility Zurich 2025]

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste  [Zurich Art College]
Master of Arts in Design

Prof. Michael Krohn, Dr. Tanja Herdt, Benjamin Hohl, Stefan Schneller, Cyril Kennel

In cooperation with Audi AG Ingolstadt and AMAG Schweiz
Part of the AUDI Urban Future Initiative

The interdisciplinary research study 'Mobilität Zürich 2025' [Mobility Zurich 2025] develops future mobility scenarios in the context of the processes of social transformation and ongoing urban development. The study has been based on empirical observations and statistical facts. It focuses on the following leading questions: How can we provide a high quality of life in the city of the future? How can the various infrastructural systems cope with population growth? How can the needs of urban development be reconciled with mobility requirements? The seven scenarios that have been worked out here for autonomous individual transport (i.e. transport based on the use of self-propelled vehicles) take into consideration the integral use of all transport systems, changes in working patterns and lifestyle and smart technological solutions. They give designers and planners who are concerned with the mobility of the future a foundation to build on. 

Comments by the Nominators:
Methods of design development (prototyping and the visualisation of scenarios) have been applied, taking analysis of the current situation as a basis for deriving a future projection for the year 2025 and suggesting potential intervention strategies. It would be desirable if this should lead to a broadly based discussion of such possible approaches.
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