Christian Ferrara / ECAL

The ensemble going by the name of TER consists of a table and stool that is in principle similarly designed. It presents itself as the result of a symbiosis of millennia-old Asian joining techniques and ultra-modern computer-aided wood processing. Made from native larch, the furniture is based on a sophisticated joining technique which enables it to dispense with screws, nails and glue completely. The tabletop and the seat of the stool are slotted into the robust self-sustaining structure, and so serve as a bracing element. The furniture is equally easy to disassemble, and takes very little space when it is transported.

Comments by the Nominators:
A design that keeps pace with the times, because it can be assembled and disassembled without any accessories being needed. Inspired by ancient Japanese joining techniques, a succinct form of furniture has been created, which carries forward the inspiration of the Swiss rustically economical tradition while revivifying it with ideas from other parts of the world.
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