Ein Wandel von Werten

[A change of values]

Thomas Wüthrich & Yves Raschle

In this furniture collection from the Basel-based firm INCHfurniture, the functional and formal qualities of the individual designs are not the only principal focus of attention. It is rather the case that the sociological and ecological circumstances or production - based on a holistic understanding of the concept of design - likewise belong to the essential features of the product.
The furniture is made from sustainably managed teak wood at a wood-processing technical college in Indonesia, which has had an ongoing partnership with INCHfurniture since 2004. The production of the furniture is not just paid for in money - at the same time expertise is being shared between the two partners. The founders of the INCH company advise the technical college, and offer workshops and seminars in Indonesia on a regular basis.

Comments by the Nominators:
This extensive collection from INCHfurniture is based on a remarkable idea, which credibly highlights an alternative to the standard forms of economic globalisation.
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