Jörg Boner productdesign

CRESTA CHAIR involves the blending of the simple robustness of a traditional Alpine wooden chair with modern wood-processing technology and a contemporary aesthetic. The chair is made of solid timber, and is designed to make as good an impression in an elegant ambiance as in a rustic Alpine chalet. At first glance it consists of just a seat and four legs. In fact the seat is made up of three parts: the base of the seat and the back are joined to a curved central component by means of clearly visible finger joints. As the chair legs are also attached to the latter, it constitutes the heart and centrepiece of the design. With a seat that has been modelled to fit the contours of the body, the craftsmanlike CRESTA CHAIR can offer a high degree of comfort. The chair forms part of the collection of the young label DADADUM, which has made it its mission to continue the development of the heritage of Swiss design in creating new contemporary objects.

Comments by the Nominators:
The CRESTA CHAIR represents a high wire act in terms of wood processing technology and static and design aspects. With its subtly reduced formal idiom, it accomplishes what it sets out to do. This gives a relatively rare type of chair the market attention it deserves.
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