A C E – Furniture Company

ACE is a company based in Lausanne, founded in 2012 by three young designers and dedicated to edition design. Its object is the development and marketing of top-quality objects made of native Swiss ash wood. These are designed by young international designers and made in Alpine regions. A crucial feature of the A C E collection is the structural simplicity of the objects. This common feature results in an independent aesthetic which gives the impression of being functional and contemporary at once. All the articles of furniture, lamps and objects of the collection are the fruit of intensive dialogue between designers, craftsmen and the company. This dialogue ensures the high quality level of the products.  

Comments by the Nominators:
This is a new design-focused company which has been set up by three enterprising product designers. The objects are for the most part made of wood and are produced regionally. A contemporary collection, which makes a classic and at the same time futuristic impression.
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