„Sophie“ AW 14

Nadine Burkhardt
Institute for Fashion Design Basel, HGK-FHNW

This collection was created as a BA thesis at the Institute for Fashion Design of the College of Art and Design in Basel. The central concern of the collection is preoccupation with a face - the face of a woman named Sophie, which the designer describes as her muse, as the incarnation of her ideal image of woman. Her concentrated focus on Sophie takes place on numerous levels, finally leading to the form of the collection: “I hide and I show”. The overall outline is generous. A precisely placed side fold frames the body and directs the gaze to the long arm, exposed in all its nakedness. Accessories emphasise the zones singled out as erotic - like the short gloves emphasising the slender wrist, and ear caps the ears. Wearing this garment should make the wearer feel cocooned and protected. Its appearance is aimed at giving a proud and elegant impression.

Comments by the Nominators:
This BA thesis project has been based on an impressive amount of research into art and design, materials and colours. The clothes demonstrate a subtle sense of colour, volume and silhouette. The richly varied collection makes a timeless impression. We are already excitedly looking forward to future creations from the designer.
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