huber egloff Spring/Summer 2014

Andreas Huber & Raul Egloff Alcaide

The spring/summer prêt-à-porter collection from huber egloff, which consists of 28 individual components and 18 looks, is characterised by tense oppositions, sensuous power and exceptional materials. It draws inspiration from the textile collages of Louise Bourgeois, the conceptual fashion of the 1960s, the cut of the traditional djellaba and some of the features of sportswear. A central idea behind it was to use top-quality terry towelling from the Swiss firm Weseta in a high-end collection. The terry towelling is combined with superfine silk and a high-tech jersey material. The incorporation of an everyday fabric in a new context results in a new kind of look that is highly original and surprising. The aesthetic approach of huber egloff combines innovative creation with inconspicuously aspiring wearability and comfort.

Comments by the Nominators:
The huber egloff label stands for sensuousness and sophistication, along with top-quality materials and processing. Many brands in the past have fallen down on the stumbling block of 'neither city nor sportswear' fashion. Only a few have succeeded in finding a subtle and refreshing equilibrium which demonstrates a sense for the spirit of the times and at the same time is ready for the market. This huber egloff collection comes very close to it. More please!
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