Happy Tears AW 13

Julian Zigerli

After completing his fashion studies in Berlin, Julian Zigerli returned to his native Zurich where he founded the 'Julian Zigerli' men's label. The theme and title of his autumn/winter collection 'Happy Tears' were inspired by the London Olympic Games and the touching emotions of the sporting contenders. This fashion style is associated with the tears of joy which rush through our veins like liquid dopamine and make a pleasant shiver run down our backs. The prints, cuts and materials used are designed to suggest feelings of homecoming and letting go. Made from magnetised iron dust with an Indian ink wash, the prints reinforce the sense of power, shock and liberation. These practically electrifying designs form a contrast with the comfortable top-quality materials which give a sensation of cosy warmth in winter. Tears of joy come over us unexpectedly. Their power is reflected in this collection, which at the same time proves equally convincing on the functional level.

Comments by the Nominators:

Zigerli's men's collection is impressively wearable. It is smart and original, the technical realisation is to a very high standard and it does have a sporting touch. As always with Zigerli, the atmosphere it conveys is fresh and sexy, full of humour and joie de vivre. This label is a breath of fresh air for Swiss fashion.
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