Sandro Marzo

Sandro Marzo's debut collection, which at the same time represents the launch of his own label, consists of a total of 16 outfits which are characterised by a mixture or combination of aggressive military style with elements of the sacerdotal. With their severe lines, the outfits are very reminiscent of uniform. The floral embroidered elements, on the other hand, together with the mottled scattering of woollen fabric, give them a different kind of look and convey a suggestion of the sacral. The fabrics used were crucial to the development of the collection. Many of the textiles were created from Marzo's own designs, and are the product of his collaboration with prestigious Swiss manufacturers.

Comments by the Nominators:
Marzo's first public appearance at Modes Suisse in Zurich and Geneva with his remarkably beautiful debut collection was a real success with the public. Using fine wools and other top-quality textiles in grey, black and white, he has succeeded in producing a surprising, sensuous and altogether masculine collection with unusual combinations and layers, which hits the nail on the head in a harmonious and convincing way.
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