Communication Design – Market

Theatre posters

Erich Brechbühl

Created in the year 2012, these posters for various local theatre groups are all based on the idea of focusing on the theme of the play being advertised and summing it up in the most 'poster-like' style possible. Accordingly the visual solutions vary widely. The pictorial idiom is designed to be easily understood and to have an effect at long distance. It is not consciously concerned to engage with currently fashionable graphic trends. The posters were a low-budget project. They have been produced by silk-screen or offset printing.

Comments by the Nominators:

This series of posters for small theatre groups in rural districts makes a fresh and unusual impression. Based on an experimental formal approach, realised convincingly in visual terms, humorous and ironic in expression, the posters succeed in appealing to a wide public.
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