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Design Programm Rapperswil-Jona

Coande. Communication and Design

Peter Vetter und Katharina Leuenberger, Partner
Mitarbeitende: Jacqueline Kübler, Brigitte von Arx, Kathrin Urban, Christoph Frey,Caroline Demuth

The fusion of the town of Rapperswil and the municipality of Jona, completed in the year 2007, made it necessary to develop a new image for the resulting municipal unit. Studio Coande was chosen as the result of a competition, and entrusted with the job of developing a suitable concept. The emphasis was decided in consultation with the council. Amongst other things, the fundamental principle of transparency was to be given prominence. The idea was that citizens should be able to see at a glance who was responsible for providing what service, which administrative offices were involved and where the town's money was coming from. The design concept is focused on projecting the image of a versatile and lively town. This finds expression in the town's specially developed monogram, for which 13 different colour shades were chosen. The top-quality visual impression that this gives contributes much to the profiling of the Rapperswil-Jona municipality.

Comments by the Nominators:
The concept for the visual identity of the new political corporation is essentially based on the precisely worked RJ monogram, which lends itself to an astonishing breadth of different applications. The involvement of all the relevant groups and institutions in the design process makes an admirable impression.
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