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Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet
Ludovic Balland

Apart from the differences resulting from the projects and architectural positions presented, the design of architecture books almost always involves the resolution of similar problems - like the choice of illustrations, for instance, or the question of scale in the processing of plans and graphics. The architecture books shown here stand out in view of their quite different formal appearance, which alludes variously to specific book types - like exhibition catalogues, lexicons, monographs and academic publications. Some of these have a generally classic, others a more experimental packaging and haptic quality. All the books have been realised on the basis of a quite specific editorial concept. This supports the content and the statement being made and lends the projects a unique visual identity.

Comments by the Nominators:
Each individual book has been carefully designed to a high standard. The books are notable for the typographical expertise shown and the sensitivity towards the architectural content. Taken together, they add up to a unity in diversity. With their command of formal and aesthetic aspects, the overall concept and the technology, and the fruitful interaction of all these factors, they are an outstanding performance in the field of book design.
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