Applications are invited from designers, companies and students of appropriate design colleges. Projects and work must be submitted in a representative and communicative form to the database on www.designpreis.ch. Use of a password guarantees anonymity. Applicants must demonstrate that they have a connection with Switzerland – at least one of the individuals significantly involved in the work submitted must be of Swiss nationality or work in Switzerland.

All forms of expression with relevance to design are permitted: Communication Design, Product Design, Furniture Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Interior Design und Design Research.

Procedure of evaluation and decision

The procedure is laid down by the jury. The jury will give no justification for its declining to award a prize to a given entry. The decision of the nominators and the jury is final. Legal action is excluded. Registration implies that participants acknowledge the rules of the competition.

Intellectual Property

Candidates are themselves responsible for seeing that their entries are fully documented in writing before inscription, and that they are registered as designs with the Eidgenössischen Institut für Geistiges Eigentum www.ige.ch if appropriate. Candidates are agreeable that the Design Preis Schweiz may publish and reproduce projects that have been submitted, as well as pictures and the names of candidates, both in connection with the award of this year’s design prize and also subsequently in the context of its publicity work. If candidates wish to make use of the copyright-protected logo of the Design Preis Schweiz, they must first obtain the written consent of the Design Preis Schweiz.

Exhibition and trade fairs

Participants shall undertake to make their work available for the exhibition and for trade fair presentation in case they should be nominated. Inscriptions for the "concept” prize category constitute an exception to this. Here an involvement in the exhibition and in trade fair presentations is seen as desirable, but is not obligatory.