Nick F Cerutti

Fashion Design

The sights and sounds, in dim lights, of his great-grandfather's shears cutting into the finest suiting eventually led Nick F Cerutti, a toddler then, to develop the fondness for Menswear he witnessed in his peer, and follow in the tailor's footsteps when he moved to London in his mid-teens.


He, who left Central Saint Martins College following Giles Deacon's advice upon entering into his third year, has since worked as a Designer and an Illustrator for the likes of Dunhill, Zimmerli, Louis Vuitton, Vibgyor, Central Saint Martins College's Design Laboratory, Itochu Fashion System Co. Ltd. (IFS), Greenfield Clothiers Ltd., Suzusen Co. Ltd., Robe Di Kappa, and Saatchi & Saatchi - in London, Paris, Genève, Osaka, Brussels, New York and Tokyo.


He also has developed sets of "Esquire Clothier & Menʼs Product Design" lectures, taught at HEAD in Genève, on/off in Switzerland and abroad.


Product-driven, obsessed with high-end craftsmanship and very much aware of shifting markets, Nick F Cerutti founded his own line in 2001: GERTRUD & GEORGE ™. 

Focused on "Western Ivy" tailoring for the Japanese figure at first, "G&G" took off through hear-say in the mid-00's and gradually evolved from clothing into leather goods - which now amount to 80% of its developments. On hold due to March 11th 2011's upheaval in Japan and direct consequences on its production units in the archipelago, GERTRUD & GEORGE ™ will unveil a whole new set of perennial goods in mid-2013.