Andres Wanner

Communication Design

Andres Wanner is a Swiss-Canadian artist, interaction designer and educator. His interdisciplinary practice at the intersection of art and technology investigates rule based generative systems – machines and computer programs producing pictures. He likes to tinker, invent and to play.


He has taught at art and design universities in Europe and North America and is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. His educational mission is grounded and complemented by more than a decade of industry experience as an interaction designer and programmer in Switzerland and Canada. He holds an MSc in Physics and a BA in Visual Communications, and is currently pursuing another Master’s in Visual Arts.

His work has been exhibited internationally in major exhibitions such as SIGGRAPH, IDEAS 10, New Forms Festival, Re-new Festival, Artech, Hyperkult and other international venues. He is also the initiator of the International Pixelstorm-Award and has acted as the arts chair of the Computational Aesthetics conference 2011.