Prize Winner

Farbe und Licht

Ulrich Bachmann, Ralf Michel,
Florian Bachmann, Marcus Pericin
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK

Colour and light belong inseparably together, for it is only in connection with light that colours can be perceived at all. Though this is an obvious truism, a combined theory of colour and light has been lacking in practical design hitherto. Three research projects were set up, each building on the other’s results, with a view to developing such a theory. Under the auspices of the first project, entitled «FarbLichtLabor» (ColourLightLab), the foundations of the interaction of light and material colour were investigated. The second project, «LED-ColorLab», focused on the interaction of dynamic light and coloured surfaces in a spatial context. The third and final project, «Farbe und Licht - Materialien zur Farb-Licht-Lehre» (Colour and Light – Materials for the Theory of Colour and Light), then proceeds to communicate the earlier research results in a practically relevant way.