Prize Winner
Market A

Schauspielhaus Zürich 2009/10

Projekt: Cornel Windlin
Konzeption & Gestaltung: Cornel Windlin & Gregor Huber
Mitarbeit: Rafael Koch, Ivan Sterzinger, Radek Sidun, Martin Andereggen,
Sandra Wehrli

The new visual styling of the Schauspielhaus Zürich [Zurich Playhouse] was developed for the 2009/10 season. It extends over all aspects of the visual impact made by the playhouse, including theatre publicity, the website and the signage. The key graphic element is a black disk, which recurs in a different form in all the various media. The concentrated repertoire of pared-down design features has resulted in a notable economy of design, as well as coherence in terms of the content of the visual products. Besides the minimalist typography – based on the use of just a few sizes of a single font style – and the powerfully reduced colour range in the posters and programmes, the carefully thought out approach to images of differing origin, some invented and some manipulated, is of decisive significance.