For products and services that have successfully been introduced to the market between 2011 and the closing date for inscriptions for the Design Preis Schweiz 2013.


For products and services that are shortly to be introduced to the market. Projects by young designers who have yet to make a name for themselves on the market will also be taken into account.


For projects in the field of applied design research, theory of design and history of design that are characterised by innovative methods or new realisations and make a positive contribution to the discussion of design.


For continuous services in the field of design. Eligible are designer personalities, important design studios, highly regarded companies and also theoreticians who have had a clear influence on the history and present state of design in Switzerland.

This prize is a straight nomination; it is not possible to apply for it.


The Awards aim to set-off additional impulses by honouring specific criterions in given design-disciplines. The Awards are underlie the independent adjudication

Textile Design Award by

(Total prize fund, CHF 100,000)

a) For innovative solutions involving textile surface structures - e.g. fabrics, textile floorings and carpets. This prize is given to an outstanding textile product which has already been launched or is soon to be launched on the market, and which achieves particular distinction through the material combinations, functions or techniques used. The award is aimed at the textiles industry.

b) For innovative projects in the textiles sector. This prize is given to projects by young designers, as well as students and graduates of technical colleges and universities. The award is aimed at talented designers of the up-and-coming generation.

Particular attention is dedicated to the designer's sense of responsibility in dealing with natural resources.

RADO Product Design Award

(Prize fund CHF 25,000)

For industrial products that are distinguished by an innovative approach to the materials or combination of materials, functionality or manufacturing technique. The prize is aimed at industry and the talented younger generation of industrial designers.

PFISTER Interior Design Award

(Prize fund CHF 25,000)

For projects in the interior design sector. The prize is awarded to an outstanding interior design product that achieves distinction through the highest standards of quality, contemporary creativity and individuality. The prize is aimed chiefly at talented designers of the up-and-coming generation.

Subscription for these prizes cannot be made. The awards will be selected from inscriptions for the prize categories newcomer and market.