Fashion and Textile Design

+PLUS Edition 2005

Design by Alfredo Häberli

Ruckstuhl AG
Siegfried Gieldanowski, Theo Gschwind, Mariann Günter, Peter Ruckstuhl

As a material, felt has for years enjoyed increasing importance in many areas of design. While ideally suited to the manufacture of carpets, hitherto it has only been possible to produce it to the required level of quality in a width of 1.60 metres. Alfredo Häberli has managed to transform this practical handicap into an advantage. Hinges, brackets and zips make it possible for the carpet to cover a more extended area. The technical means used to link the carpet sections are not concealed: instead, they are treated as an integral element of the design. The patterns cut into the carpets by means of laser technology enhance the product’s aesthetic appeal.