Fashion- and Textiledesign

Climatex® LifeguardFR™

Rohner Textil AG
Prof. Dr. M. Braungart, F. Fornasier,
S. Lyons, W. McDonough, L. Pfister

After four years of development, this upholstery material for air-conditioned seating has been patented. It is flame-resistant, permits biological recycling and can be produced without environmental impact. It conforms to all industrial and environmental standards as well as to the strictest fire protection norms worldwide, above all those that apply to aeroplanes. The substance is produced from wool and the cellulose of replenishable beech wood. In collaboration with: the fibre-manufacturing firm Lenzing AG, the Umweltinstitut EPEA/Hamburg [EPEA Environmental Institute of Hamburg], the chemicals manufacturing firms Clariant (flame resistant) and Ciba (dyes). Worldwide licencing.