Furniture- and Interiordesign


S. Bertrand, R. Fürling, S. Kuster, D. Regamey
Écal, Lausanne

«Article» has investigated the habits of the population, the attitudes of our fellow human beings and their reflexes. These detailed observations of nightlife cast light on eleven typical human needs, and result in eleven special objects: a  drinking glass as a measuring cube; a stool in the form of a chair; a television as a lampshade; an earplug as fashion jewellery; a double glass to camouflage boozing; a sliding sofa to bring pairs together; a beermat as a cleaning aid; a flowerpot as an ash receptacle; a wall cushion to lean on when urinating; a light-emitting diode in a pile of coats; and lastly, as a visiting project from Fashion Force, a splint for the lower leg as a shooting stick.