Retail- and Exhibitiondesign

Waffen werfen Schatten

Barbara Holzer, Tristan Kobler

It is all about power, and powerlessness. At the start the visitor finds himself standing behind 1654 pikes, battle-axes, guns and two-handed swords – all poised for action. At the end, all these weapons are directed at a single centre – his eye. From being the aggressor, the visitor becomes the target: fascinated by the massive power of this high-technology armament, threatened by the physical potential for violence when it is directed against himself. This central ambiguity in the psyche is reinforced by means of the engravings by Jacques Callot, displayed in the sheltered space of a general’s tent, illustrating the horrors of war. And also through hovering guardian angels, a mobile made of suits of armour in the hall of weapons.