Swiss Textile Design Award by Swiss Textile Federation

Philippe Baumann,
René Hofmann,
Peter Stöcklin

GECKO, Adhesive Textiles

The adhesive textile material «GECKO» has been developed over a number of years by Création Baumann. It can be applied directly to glass surfaces, where thanks to a special process of chemical bonding it proves highly adhesive. By contrast with film applications, «GECKO» can be detached from the surface any number of times, without leaving any residue and without loss of adhesive strength, and reapplied elsewhere. The textiles are obtainable in numerous colours and structures, and can be used without hanging fittings or any other kind of extra technical aids. They are suitable for use either as screens to block out a line of vision, or as part of an interior decor scheme – above all in situations where architectural conditions or other circumstances make curtains or roller blinds out of the question.