Beth Kottonau

FHNW HGK Institut Modedesign Basel

«Strandjutter» is the name given to collectors of flotsam on the beaches of the West Frisian Islands of Holland. So this is the title that Beth Kottonau gave to her men’s collection, which was developed as a diploma project for the Fachochschule Nordwestschweiz HGK at the Fashion Design Institute in Basel. The name stands for a plethora of multi-layered associations, all of which exercised a defining influence on the development of the collection: seafaring, distance, a hint of impetuosity, weathered sailor’s clothing, old sailing boats with their fibrous cables… All these moods and motifs found expression in the design. This is reflected in the materials and the material combinations, in the choice of colours and in the wide cut of the garments, offering the users a latitude for individual wear in the most literal sense.