Interior Design

Kirche Neumünster

Kirchgemeinde Zürich Neumünster

Frédéric Dedelley
Hubacher+Peier Architekten:
Matthias Hubacher

Redesigned at the request of the parish, the choir of the Reformed Church of Neumünster now offers space for more flexible forms of divine service. For use in this setting, Frédéric Dedelley developed the liturgical furnishings, consisting of the table for the Lord’s Supper, the pulpit, flower stands and candle stands and a basin of sand for votive lights. The furnishings and objects fit in harmoniously with the spatial context. The concept is based on a crystalline formal idiom which chimes in with motifs in the existing architectural setting. The choice of colours and the materials that have been used also carry a reference to the interior of this listed building.