Furniture Design


Stapelbarer Kunststoffstuhl

Hannes Wettstein, Matthias Weber
Maxdesign, Bagnaria Arsa Italy

«tototo» is a plastic chair, manufactured from a single cast and suitable for stacking. It has been specially designed for outdoor use. The formal design is meticulous: a high cut has been given to the long back legs, and the chair is extremely comfortable to sit on. It proved possible to dispense with fibreglass-reinforced materials. This means that transparent and translucent versions can also be produced. The playful treatment of the internal and external surfaces gives the stackable chair an element of aesthetic tension. Impressive features are the chair’s unmistakable appearance and the fresh choice of colours. A clever solution has been found for enabling rainwater to drain off – through an opening in the form of the manufacturer’s logo on the lowest point of the seat.