Communication Design

Archäologie der Zukunft

Edition Collegium Helveticum

Matthias Michel,  Stijn Ossevoort, Jonas Voegeli, Jamie Ward

«Archaeology of the future» is a book project in the field of cultural studies, based on an interdisciplinary approach. It is concerned with visions of the future that have been entertained in the past. The omnibus volume combines essays, interviews, discussions of films and various design-based interventions, all circling around a single thematic area – imaginary conceptions of the future based on scientific or technological data. At times the book seems to have the effect of an oracle. Thanks to thermochromatic printing and electronic sensors, when the one-volume work is consulted or subjected to heat, illuminations, cryptic visions and prophecies come to light. The vocabulary of these traces a path through the book like an oracular vapour, serving to connect the elements it contains.