Fashion Design


Ly-Ling Vilaysane, Adrien Escaravage

The designers Ly-Ling Vilaysane and Adrien Escaravage, jointly responsible for the young label “Aéthéré(e)”, have very precise ideas about how the fashion they design for men and women should look. They aim to create intelligent garments that have an identity, that are wearable, simple and comfortable – a fashion that allows the wearer to feel beautiful. They define their ideal as a timeless and at the same time quite contemporary form of clothing – one which underlines the personality of the wearer without overshadowing it. A special feature of the label is transformability – garments that are capable of fulfilling several functions simultaneously. Examples are a jacket that may serve as a bag, or a dress that can also be worn as a shirt. In the designers’ view, the essential basis for achieving these aims is their use of top quality materials which are then processed in the best possible way.