Fashion Design


Raul Egloff Alcaide
Königliche Akademie der Schönen Künste, Antwerpen

Raul Egloff Alcaide’s men’s collection “Dorian” consists of twelve outfits, and was created as a diploma project at the Antwerp College of Fashion. It tells the story of the transformation of a personality. Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s famous fictional character Dorian Gray, the collection shows a development from youthful innocence to dark disillusionment. While the first outfits leave a bright, tender and youthfully fragile impression, the subsequent models radiate passion. The colours become visibly darker, and by the end darkly fetishistic silhouettes dominate the picture. The collection breaks down currently accepted codes of men’s fashion, throws them into the melting pot and finally redefines them. On this basis a new and independent look has been created.