Communication Design


Marcus Gossolt, Philipp Lämmlin

“Sentis” is a culturally motivated project, combining young design with tradi­tional craftsmanship. The result is a contemporary style of clothing for everyday wear. It has been produced and developed exclusively in the region. The aim was to connect with the centuries-old tradition of eastern Swiss textiles and on that basis to create a new fashion label. The designs are inspired by the traditional costume, and have the potential of a clothing that gives character to a region. An essential instrument for the popularisation of the label is the website, which offers comprehensive insights into the project. Deserving of special emphasis are the graphic images which locate the fashion and the models in the region, and put across the idea of the “Sentis” in a congenial way. The temporary sales outlets and the idea of developing the brand as a people’s plc were responsible for stimulating a lot of interest in the media.